Photography is Life! Photography is our past, present, and our future.

Unless we are living in a primitive society, the moment we make a conscientious effort to look around us we would have undeniably notice that photographic images dominate the very fabric of our social structure. And they are integral to the very fabric of our social constuct. Beginning from the 18th century, mankind had produced approximately 380 billion photographic images with each of these images competing to influence our lives, one way or another, with varying success. The potential influence starts within the household where images are most commonly seen in our morning papers, promotional flyers, calendars, family photos, product packaging and etc. This influence continues even when we step out of our homes, into the elevator, at work, during lunch breaks, when we are sick or when we are enjoying ourselves. At almost every moment of our lives, there are photographic images surrounding our lives and sending sublime messages to the unwary viewer.

Photography is the primary art form that I use to express my creative intentions. The way how photographic images influence the viewer had always fascinated me. When I was young I like to observe the subtle emotional reaction of people when they are viewing pictures. In my pursuit to create images with souls, I endeavour to produce photographs where my viewers can immerse themselves into the images and/or to encourage the viewer to visually and mentally explore deeper. I aim to achieve a state where the photograph shares a synchronous relationship between the photographer, the subject, the subject’s environment and the viewer.

The spirit of holding on to hope, in times of despair, greatly influenced my artistic development. And it forms my affinity for harsh lightings, sombre mood, and high-contrast images. My works mainly centre on the subsistence of people and/or nature within their environment.

As an artist, I hope to perfect and expand on the art and to present myself globally as an established Singaporean artist. My work had matured over the years. It took on a more expressive panache and I deliver my work through creative fine art, pictorial and realism photography genres. I also have a special interest in documentary photography and I undertake projects when the opportunity arises. In documentary photography, I found permanence where memory fails.

My other passion lies in teaching and transferring knowledge. I have a strong interest in guiding and helping budding photography artists to succeed. I always believe the next generation will never cease to amaze us.

Vincent Liew started photography in 1988 and after a few years he went on to study oil painting. In the following years, he combined his learning and knowledge of the two mediums in his works. His works primarily centered on the subsistence of people or nature within their environment and the use of complimentary colors is a recurring motif in Vincent’s work. Vincent was never able to fully express his surrealist creations until the onset of the digital age.

Vincent was awarded a Master of Arts scholarship by the prestigious Nanyang Technological University to study Photography. He lectured regularly on photography and had conducted several public workshops. He is one of the few photography educators that had taught Photography as a subject at IGCSE standard (O-level equivalent) in Singapore and his students had achieved outstanding results including scoring distinctions. He is also mentoring arts undergrads from the LaSalle College of the Arts and was one of the key mentors for the Art Photography Mentorship & Exhibition program (APME); a program that was aimed at discovering and training talented photographers on a national level. The APME is supported the National Arts Council, National Youth Council and the National Library.

Vincent joined the Photographic Society of Singapore (PSS) in 1990, even though he had been volunteering since 1988. Since then, he had held several significant leadership positions in PSS, including as Curator of the Loke Wan Tho Gallery, and is currently holding the role of Honorary Secretary and an ex-officio Member of the Board. He also undertook a secondary role as the Director of Alliance & Partnerships and had spearheaded many educational programs, community engagement programs, fund-raising events, and projects involving the development of relations and cultural exchanges with other international photography institutions. Vincent has a special interest in promoting the works of local photographers overseas.

Vincent serves as a Board Member of Res Artis, the largest global network of artist residencies and a Star Ratings Director of the Photographic Society of America as well as the Global Photographic Union’s Country Representative for Singapore. He is also a member of the Development Committee for The Photographic Society of America and The Photographic Society of Singapore; to chart the future direction of these art societies. Vincent is an international photography competition adjudicator, a photography educator, a curator and a strong advocate in developing photography arts and culture through alliance and partnerships with domestic organizations and across the globe. In addition, he has a special interest in providing consultancy to the development of arts groups and societies on top of his passion in writing photography-related essays.

Vincent Liew’s major award was a scholarship offered by Nanyang Technological University to study Master of Arts in Photography. He has more than 150 works exhibited in 40 countries and just in 2015, he won 3 Royal Photographic Society Gold Medals, 3 Photographic Society of America Gold Medals, 1 Gold Medal from International Association of Art Photographers, 3 other Gold Medals, Silver and Bronze Medals from the International Federation of Photographic Artists (FIAP is an UNESCO member), Global Photographic Union etc. Altogether, in just 2015, he won more than 30 International Medals and 35 Honorable Mentions. He also won an Honorable Mention medal from the prestigious Japan Asahi Shimbun Press International Photography Competition where there is only a probability of 0.49 percent for an oversea participant to be awarded a medal. Below are highlights of some of the international awards he had won:

38th Greater Lynn International Exhibition (USA)     Gold Award of Exhibition

View Point Photo International (Macedonia)               Gold Award – International Association of Art Photographers

International Union of Photographers Exhibition (Hong Kong)      Gold Award

Mississippi Valley International Exhibition (USA)     Gold Award – Photographic Society of America

Simonida Kosovo Photo Festival (Kosovo)                Gold Award

Varna International (Bulgaria)                                     Gold Medal – Royal Photographic Society

STROM International Exhibition (Slovakia)                  Gold Medal – Royal Photographic Society

Cattaro Photographic Exhibition (Montenegro)         Gold Medal of Exhibition

Gran Tour Delle Colline (Italy)           Silver Medal – Global Photographic Union

Cyprus International (Cyprus)          Silver Medal – International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP)

Finland Photographic Circuit (Finland)        Silver Medal – International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP)

F2 Cities Photo Salon (Argentina)                   Silver Medal of Exhibition

9th International Photography Exhibition (Turkey)    Bronze Medal – International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP)

107th Scottish Photographic Salon (UK)                         Bronze Medal – Royal Society

73rd Asahi Shimbun International (Japan)                    Honourable Mention Award

Selected group exhibitions:

7th Exhibition of Photographic Art (Romania)

38th Greater Lynn International Exhibition (USA)

73rd Asahi Shimbun International Photography Exhibition (Japan)

9th International Photography Exhibition (Turkey)

107th Scottish Photographic Salon Exhibition (UK)

Cattaro Photographic Exhibition (Montenegro)

Japan-Singapore Cultural Exchange Exhibition, Kyoto International Community Hall (Japan)

Cyprus International Photography Exhibition (Cyprus)

F2 Cities Photo Salon Exhibition (Argentina)

Fotoferia International Photo Exhibition (Poland)

Gran Tour Delle Colline (Italy)

International Union of Photographers Exhibition (Hong Kong)

Mississippi Valley International Exhibition (USA)

Simonida Kosovo Photo Festival (Kosovo)

STROM International Exhibition (Slovakia)

Varna International (Bulgaria)

View Point Photo International (Macedonia)

Sengkang Public Library (Singapore)

Ngee Ann Photographic Exhibition (Singapore)

Pingyao International Photography Festival (China, Shanxi)

Selected Solo exhibitions:

“Silent Anger” – The Selegie Arts Centre, Singapore – 2018

Honorary Fellow of The Photographic Society of Singapore, Hon.FPSS
Honorary Fellow of the Photographic Society of New Jersey, Hon.FPSNJ
Honorary Fellow of the Bangladesh Photographic Society, Hon.FBPS
Honorary Fellow of the United Photographers of Hong Kong, Hon.FUPHK
Honorary Member of World of Photography Group, Hon.WPG (Saudi Arabia)
Honorary Member of the Pascal English & Greek Schools Photo Club, Hon.PESGSPC (Cyprus)
Honorary Associate of the Sunrise Photography Association, Hon.ASPA (USA)
Fellow of the Photographic Society of New York, FPSNY
Silver Portfolio Distinction title holder of the Photographic Society of America, SPSA
Galaxy Level Exhibitor of the Photographic Society of America, PSA Galaxy Exhibitor
Excellence level of the Photographic Society of America, EPSA
Excellence, Artist of the International Federation of Photographic Art, EFIAP (Europe)
Crown 3 Level Exhibitor of the Global Photographic Union, GPU-CR3 (Europe)
Master Exhibitor of the Photographic Society of Penang, MEPSP
Bronze Level Exhibitor of the Photographic Society of Singapore, BEPSS

Board Member of Res Artis, Nederlands
Honorary Secretary & Board Member of the Photographic Society of Singapore
International Exhibition Chairman of the Photographic Society of America – ND
Star Ratings Director of the Photographic Society of America – ND
Singapore Representative to the Global Photographic Union
Appointed Curator of the Loke Wan Tho Gallery at the Selegie Arts Centre

Documentary Photography and Its Influence on Society – at the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station Open House.

Marketing for Artists, Art Photography Mentorship & Exhibition Program – in conjunction with the LaSalle College of the Arts.

Pathways to Photographic Achievements – in conjunction with the Singapore Journal of Photography.

  1. Interviewed by radio station 95.8FM on photography as a lifestyle.
  2. Interviewed by the People’s Association of Singapore with which I talked about the role and responsibilities of photography in engaging the community.


Atlantic Pacific International Photography Circuit – 3 Countries Greece, Singapore and USA.

Hong Kah South Community Club – SG50 grassroots National Day Observance event.

Housing and Development Board – Celebrating Life in the Heartlands, 50 years of Public Housing.

Institute of Engineering of Singapore – “About Climate Change”.

Lion City International Photography Salon.

National University of Singapore – “Montage”.

Nanyang Technological University – NTU Student Union’s Photo Competition.

Singapore International Photography Awards.

Singapore Land Authority – Celebrating Places & Memories in Singapore

Society of the Physically Disabled Photo Competition.

The People’s Association (PA) – PA’s Corporate member community fair event aimed at reinvigorating the values of racial harmony, social cohesion, resilience and how photography contributed to these values since the 1960s.

The People’s Association – Passion Fiesta, a grassroots community engagement event through photography for a constituency in the North.

World Engineering Summit Photo Competition.


Cultural Exchange Exhibition between Japan International Photographic Federation (JIPF) and The Photographic Society of Singapore (PSS). LINK!

Co-Curated the member’s exhibition at the Kuala Lumpur Photo Festival for members of The Photographic Society of Singapore (PSS).

‘Jewels of a Nation’ – 10th Jeonju International Photo Festival (Korea) LINK!

‘Lens & Lines’ – Photo Exhibition of Singapore Poetry Festival (Singapore) LINK!

‘The Shifting Age of Creative Photography’ – Pingyao International Photography Festival 2017 (China) LINK!

Next Curation work :

China Yixian County International Photography Festival Nov 2017